Project Description

As a young boy, Master Di Guoyong was doing well in school but struck with rheumatoid arthritis. At the age of 13, he saw an older student practicing Xing Yi Quan and became fascinated with the art. It was from here that his journey in martial arts began and his health started to quickly improve. Master Di was introduced to the older boy’s teacher, Zhao Zhong, and studied Long Fist Boxing for eight years. It was after this period that he began to learn Xing Yi Quan.

Master Di has also studied at length other martial arts, such as Shaolin in his youth, Chuo Jiao Fanzi Quan with Master Wu Binlou and Bagua Zhang with renowned Li Ziming.

Xing Yi Quan remains Master Di’s primary martial art, and he has earned much success and respect within the Xing Yi community. Among many distinctions he taught Xing Yi at Beijing University, he is a National Level One Wushu Judge, he served as the First Secretary General and long-term President of the Beijing Xing Yi Quan Research Association, of which he was also a founding member.

Upon seeing Master Di’s skill, I invited him to teach at my school in April of 2005. Since then, Master Di’s teaching and guidance has given new meaning and direction to my Xing Yi practice and to that of my students, and I bring him from China twice a year for extended training sessions.

Curriculum Studied

  • Hebei Style Xing Yi Empty Hands, Weapons and Partner Forms
  • Hebei Xing Yi Theory, Fighting Skills and Techniques
  • Hebei Xing Yi Internal Training
  • Liang Style Bagua Fundamental Training
  • Hand and Weapons Routines
  • Internal Training
Di Guoyongxingyiquan lineage