Project Description

As a teenager, Grandmaster Chen was introduced by his father to the great Cheng Man-Ching, becoming the Professor’s youngest student. In time, Master Chen became the Professor’s favorite student. He made fast progress and was soon teaching various Taiji classes. Because of his young age, he became known as the “Baby Master.”

He participated in several martial arts competitions, winning the full contact lightweight division in 1958. In 1962 he enrolled at the University of Hawaii and shortly afterwards became the head instructor at the Honolulu Tai Chi Chuan Association. In 1965, Master Chen moved to the US mainland and opened the William C.C. Chen School of Tai Chi Chuan in the Chelsea area of New York City.

Master Chen has instructed countless students throughout the world. His students have won numerous national and international titles in Taiji push hands competition.

He has certified instructors who propagate his teachings throughout North America and Europe. He keeps a very busy schedule teaching regular workshops and is still active with his school in New York City.

William C.C. Chen is regarded as one of the leading Taiji masters in the world today. Master Scrima has been training with Master Chen since 1983.

Curriculum Studied

  • Yang Style Taiji
  • Taiji Sword
  • Taiji Body Mechanics
  • Taiji Principles
  • Taiji Fighting Applications
  • Push Hands
  • Taiji Boxing
William CC Chentaiji lineage