Welcome to Master Nick Scrima’s
Chinese Martial Arts Center

Established since 1981, at the Chinese Martial Arts Center we teach traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Qi Gong, traditional Chinese weapons, and self-defense to people from all walks of life. Our location is convenient for students from Countryside, Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, East Lake, and Dunedin, but our students come from as far as Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Kung Fu Training: Promotes physical fitness, develops self-confidence, sharpens reflexes, and teaches practical self-defense skills.

Tai Chi Training: Increases cardiovascular fitness, restores vitality, improves mental clarity, and teaches relaxation.

Training at our school is self-empowering, challenging, fun, and self-fulfilling!


If you are a serious student and truly want to explore authentic Chinese Martial arts from a teacher with solid lineage, this is the place for you.
– Mike Q

Authenticity is the reason I chose this school. As you progress as a student and learn movements and forms, you never stop practicing the fundamentals. Master Scrima takes the time to explain the reason for their effectiveness and delve into the history of why certain forms developed over time.
– Joe M

Master Scrima is one of those masters almost impossible to find anymore. He is the best I have seen in 20 years. He will teach you techniques, applications, and life suggestions. He is a true martial artist.
– Edgar C

This is a Martial Arts education. Not just punching and kicking. History, language, philosophy are all part of learning the art. If you are looking for a mill that turns out belts, this isn’t for you. If you want to learn Martial Arts and prepare yourself mentally and physically, you won’t find better.
– Jeff C

If you are looking to be coddled and given a black belt without the hard work and dedication that it takes, then look somewhere else. This is martial arts and requires years of fundamentals and hard work to build a solid base. If you don’t put in hard work, when you are called upon to use your skills, you won’t have them.
– Jamie C

This school is the real thing, not a cookie-cutter black belt factory. If you want Integrity, respect, and authentic Chinese martial arts, you will not find a better school. It is a privilege to study here.
– Jerry H

After only a few months at the Chinese Martial Arts Center, my skill grew beyond my expectations. If you want to learn about Chinese Martial Arts, this is the place to be. As both a student and teacher of martial arts, Master Scrima openly shares his years of experience and understanding with those who truly want to learn.
– Joe S



Chinese Martial Arts Center
2519 McMullen-Booth Road #511
Clearwater, FL33761
Phone: 727-791-8222


Location: We are located in the Northwood Oaks Shopping Center on the Northeast corner of McMullen-Booth and Enterprise Rd. (The School faces Enterprise Road). Look for the Martial Arts Sign.

Parking: There is plenty of parking available on the east and west sides of the center.