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Master Scrima

Master Nick Scrima

  • Started training in his early teens
  • More than four decades of martial arts training with leading Masters in Traditional Northern Kung Fu, Taiji, and Other Internal Styles
  • Trained under the tutelage of many renowned masters in different styles of Chinese Martial Arts
  • Over 50 years of martial arts and more than 45 years’ of professional teaching experience
  • Internationally recognized master instructor
  • Featured in national and international martial arts magazines
  • Trainer of numerous National and International Champions and thousands of students from all walks of life
  • Hall of Fame Coach of the Year and Promoter of the Year
  • Martial Arts Elite Hall of Fame
  • American Pioneer Award Hall of Fame for promoting Chinese martial arts
  • Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame Promoter of the Year
  • Served as AAU National Chair for Chinese Martial Arts
  • President of the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) Worldwide Circuit
  • Promoter of the World Sanda League
  • Publisher of the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts and the Wugong Journal