Kung Fu (Gong Fu in Mandarin dialect) is a Cantonese term widely used in the West to describe Chinese Martial Arts.

Kung Fu is the Chinese art of self-defense. Its origins date back over 3000 years and it is regarded as the predecessor of all Asian fighting arts.

If you’re reading this guide, you obviously have an interest in martial arts and are wisely conducting research in order to select the right school and proper martial arts program for your child.

Besides making sure that the school is reputable, your most basic question likely is: How will Kung Fu benefit my child?

I could answer this question simply by saying that your child will be involved in an activity that will provide much needed mental and physical exercise, and take your child away from the TV set or computer games. However; there is much more to Kung Fu than exercise.

Unlike many sports that are based on team play and the Vince Lombardi attitude – “Winning isn’t everything … it’s the only thing” – Kung Fu is an individual activity in which the student is responsible for his or her achievements. Personal drive, commitment and hard work are the sought-after qualities that I foster in my teaching. Students learn early that success and failure are their responsibility. This is a lesson that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Kung Fu is an exceptional and exciting martial art that is extremely well suited for young people. My classes are physically demanding and mentally challenging. In addition to learning Kung Fu skills, your child will develop strength, agility, flexibility, sharp reflexes, cardiovascular fitness and coordination, while learning self-discipline and building self-esteem.

Since Kung Fu is a martial art, training requires and helps nurture self-assurance. Students are required to focus and concentrate and must learn to be quick not only with their techniques but with their thinking. Training is versatile since the curriculum is varied and your child will have the opportunity to practice a wide variety of skills. Forms, weapons and sparring classes will ensure that your child will not become bored.

Is Kung Fu safe for my child?

Like all physical activities, there is always a chance of injury. My classes are strictly supervised and highly disciplined. Studies have shown that Kung Fu training has a lower injury risk than many other popular sports.

Do you offer tournament competition?

My school participates in several tournaments each year. Typically it takes several months of training before your child would be ready to participate in a competition.

Once enough experience has been gained, all students in our youth program are required to participate in at least one tournament each year. Tournament participation helps your child build confidence, develop a sense of accomplishment, and learn to overcome fears. In addition, your child will learn to set and achieve goals and develop good sportsmanship.

How do I get my child started?

Your child must be at least 8 years old. You must fill out an application form and undergo a brief interview. Once this process is successfully completed, your child can start classes the following week.

Once your child is enrolled, he or she will need a uniform and martial arts training shoes. As your child progresses, protective sparring equipment and weapons will be required. All the gear needed for training is available in our pro shop.
The Kung Fu experience: A lifetime of benefits for your child

Kung Fu training can open doors to an exciting martial arts program that will provide leadership skills, a winning attitude and the inner strength to overcome adverse peer pressure. Your child will develop the “Yes I Can” attitude that will benefit him or her not only for the present but for many years to come.

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