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Master Scrima’s Teachers

Besides the primary teachers listed below, Master Scrima has trained with many other leading Masters in various aspects of Chinese Martial arts and after four decades of studies continues to seek out teachers to deepen his understanding of the arts.

Grandmaster William C.C. Chen

I first met Nick Scrima at a workshop in Bloomington, Indiana, in the fall of 1983, and since that time he has trained with me in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi sword, push hands, fighting concepts, applications, and San Shou sparring. As a teacher he offers the best possible martial arts programs at his schools and is committed to the preservation of traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Leung Shum


If a Master has one good student his whole life, he is lucky! There is an old saying in Chinese Martial Arts: Yi ri wei shi zhong shen wei fu. This means: If for one day he is your Sifu, then the whole life he is like your father. Nick is like that. He respects me and he respects Kung Fu. He has a good mind for Kung Fu and for business and he has been successful in both. Nick has been training in Eagle Claw since the early 1980s and he is still eager to learn.

Master Alex Kwok

Keenness, persistence, diligence, and a positive attitude are some of the attributes that come to mind when describing Nick Scrima. He has been an excellent teacher and student of the Chinese martial arts. His dedication and pursuit of high standards are well respected by his students and peers. His outstanding accomplishments set a new watermark for others to strive for. His contribution to the Chinese Martial Arts in America speaks for itself.

Master Benson Lee

I first met Nick Scrima during the early 1980s when he was teaching in Parma, Ohio. He had invited my Sifu, Grandmaster Leung Shum, to come from New York City to teach a seminar on Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Since my Sifu's spoken English was limited at that time, he sent me instead to Ohio. Within our first meeting I was immediately impressed with Nick's passion for learning martial arts and his ability to learn quickly, retain, and grasp the finer details of Eagle Claw. Thereafter Nick decided to continue his training and over a short amount of time was able to develop his Eagle Claw Kung to an advanced level. Upon my relocation to California, Nick continued training with Grandmaster Shum and today is a much respected member of our Eagle Claw family.

Grandmaster Tony Yang


It is my distinct pleasure to recognize the efforts and dedication of Master Nick Scrima for his teaching and advancement of the traditional martial arts of China. His perseverance and sincere desire to see the art flourish in a most difficult business is a reflection of his outstanding character and competence as a martial art practitioner and businessperson. It has been an honor and pleasure to instruct him in the traditional systems of bajiquan, pigua zhang, and bagua zhang and without a doubt our friendship and martial arts relationship will continue for many years to come.

Grandmaster Chi Hung Marr

I take great pleasure in offering my felicitations to Nick, not only on his huge success in providing martial arts training for the benefit of individuals of all ages over the years, but also on the impact his creativity and quality of teaching have had on the Kung Fu community as a whole. Through continuous, diligent research, Nick has expertly discerned the differences between authentic traditional Chinese Martial Arts and modified, distorted versions thereof. His endeavors in the regard go a long way toward preserving "the Art' in the genuine sense of the term. His tireless efforts in propagating Chinese Martial Arts through tournaments, workshops and seminars deserve great commendation.