Grandmaster William C.C. Chen

I first met Nick Scrima at a workshop in Bloomington, Indiana, in the fall of 1983, and since that time he has trained with me in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi sword, push hands, fighting concepts, applications, and San Shou sparring. As a teacher he offers the best possible martial arts programs at his schools and is committed to the preservation of traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Leung Shum


If a Master has one good student his whole life, he is lucky! There is an old saying in Chinese Martial Arts: Yi ri wei shi zhong shen wei fu. This means: If for one day he is your Sifu, then the whole life he is like your father. Nick is like that. He respects me and he respects Kung Fu. He has a good mind for Kung Fu and for business and he has been successful in both. Nick has been training in Eagle Claw since the early 1980s and he is still eager to learn.